Sweety Imli

-Mouthwatering blend that offers a tangy and sweet punch, perfect as an after-meal snack

-Features Fennel seeds (saunf), Amaranth seeds, dry dates, coriander pulses, and cucumber seeds for a flavorful experience.

-Packed with proteins, fiber, calcium, and antioxidants, offering a wholesome snacking option.

-Low in calories, low in fat, and crafted from 100% natural ingredients for guilt-free indulgence.


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(Tamarind Pulp & Added Sugar) 100% & CONTAINS NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOUR- Tamarind.

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Buy Sweet Imli Churan Candy Mukhwas Online 

Sweet imli candy is the most cherished dessert that has captured the hearts of people of all ages, providing a sense of nostalgia for childhood. Past generations have adventurous stories to tell about all they did to get their hands on the irresistible imli, often plucking it straight from the trees. Similarly, how they would save their travelling pocket money to taste these candies post-schooling hours. However, times have changed but now you can savour that tangy flavour in a wide range at Chandan Mukwas. They offer different types of imli mukhwas one of which is quite popular is Sweety Imli.

It is the best sweet imli mukhwas due to its unique blend of sweet and tangy, it creates a mouth-watering flavour that is both delicious and refreshing. But what sets this sweet imli candy apart from other desserts it is 100% natural and there are no added preservatives. Ultimately making them healthy and an option to choose over. Moreover, its cute packaging makes it quite adorable and portable at the same time.

Therefore, these Imli churan candies can be easily served as a treat or a delightful dessert post meals or in between to satiate your craving for a while. Similarly, for people who are health-conscious, it is a great option to try out these sweety Imli mouth freshener. 

Therefore, you can now indulge in the guilt-free pleasure of this delectable treat. Try it out and let your taste buds take a trip to paradise!

Try this Tasty Digestive Sweet Imli Candy from Chandanmukhwas 

Are you searching for a nutritious and flavorful sweet imli candy treat? Look no further than Chandanmukhwas' Sweety Imli! Made with only the finest quality ingredients, this candy boasts a perfect balance of tanginess and sweetness, thanks to the combination of added sweetness to neutralise the tamarind's tanginess, resulting in a truly unique and decadent flavour that will tantalise your taste buds.

Chandanmukhwas has expertly crafted this candy using top-quality ingredients to provide an authentic and revitalising experience. Not only are these delicious treats affordable, but they also make for a quick and filling snack to satisfy your cravings.

Let’s explore some of the other ways in which Imli mukhwas can aid in improving our health. Despite having a rather sour flavour, it is still an important part of many culinary and cultural traditions around the world. It is also a well-liked ingredient in traditional cuisine, utilised in savoury foods like curries and chutneys as well as sweet treats like candies.

Additionally, tamarind has a long history of use in traditional medicine as a cure for a variety of illnesses. It is a helpful treatment for arthritic symptoms like fever and joint pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Tamarind is a preferred laxative and is frequently used as a home remedy for constipation. That is the major reason why sweety imli churan is recommended to give after meals as well.

Moreover, if you check out recent research, it has shown that tamarind is a rich source of antioxidants that can protect the body against oxidative damage and lower the risk of chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease too! No doubt, these delectable churan digestive mukhwas are pocket-friendly and taste great, so you can also think of gifting them to your loved ones for any special occasion. 

Indulge in the goodness of these tasty treats without a second thought. Discover a world of unusual and exciting flavours by trying the best sweet imli mukhwas from ChandanMukhwas’ website today!

  • Ingredients in Sweet Imli Candy (Goli):

    Tamarind Pulp & Added Sugar) 100% & CONTAINS NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOUR- Tamarind.

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Sweet Imli






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FSSAI, Herbal Product, Spices

Board India, Nimbus 22000, Halal, Global

assured hygienic food, FDA, ASCB(E)

Why Choose Chandanmukhwas for Sweet Imli Candy Mukhwas? 

Indulge in the mouth-watering, tangy sweetness you've been craving with Chandanmukhwas' sweet imli candy. Get ready to experience true delight with this imli mukhwas. Made with tamarind pulp, this treat is packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and polyphenol-rich qualities, making it a healthy option for your heart and overall well-being.

Not only is this sweet imli mouth freshener popular in India, but it is also loved in other countries for its unique flavour and health benefits. Share this sweet treat with your loved ones without compromising their health.

Historically, tamarind pulp was used as a dessert and even as a home remedy for various illnesses. Medical research has shown that consuming imli candy after meals can lower cholesterol levels and protect against cardiovascular diseases, contributing to a healthier heart. Apart from their nutritional value, Imli also holds cultural significance in India.

Chandan Mukhwas provides online ordering and delivery services, anyone can enjoy these delectable sweets from the comfort of their own home. So why not buy a pack of these naturally made imli churan gollies from Chandan Mukhwas and explore your childhood nostalgia with this sweet treat at an affordable price range on the website.