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About Chandan Mukhwas

Chandan Mukhwas has been providing India (and now the world) with the best refreshers. Our Products have a way of bringing the family together post-meals for some warmth and happiness. We take pride in our origin that is full of pride and passion, and that’s what guides our legacy!

Today, we’re present in 40+ Countries including USA, Australia, Singapore & much more, along with 6 partners all over India (including Metro, Reliance, Amazon).

Chandan Mukhwas Global Presence

Our Global Network

Our deep industry expertise allows us to collaborate and create a 21st Century approach to Chandan Mukhwas. With more than 500+ people across 40+ countries like the USA, Australia, Singapore.

Chandan Mukhwas not only excels in a deep-rooted local footprint but also strengthens the global reach of the brand. This allows us to be extremely close to our community while making a positive impact all around the globe.

Chandan Mukhwas Global Presence




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“A brand is simply trust” - Steve Jobs

For over 5 decades, Chandan Mukhwas’s trust has been bringing families together for sweet and delicious goodness. Trusted relationships are the essence of a brand, and we at Chandan Mukhwas honour it deeply.


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With the trust of our retail distribution partners, try out Chandan Mukhwas at your nearest supermarket. Don’t forget to pick your favourite Chandan Mukhwas on your next grocery shopping spree. We’re present at the below mentioned stores

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product certification

Certified By Globally Assured Companies

We strongly believe that our consumers deserve only the best, and that’s why they meet international safety standards at every stage.

From sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, to delivery, we've innovated our techniques for quality and traceability while also meeting the most stringent safety norms. We use completely natural, fruit-derived pigments in our products, which make them non-toxic, non-addictive.

Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by Herbal Products
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by Spices Board India
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by Nimbus
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by Jamiat Ulama Halal Foundation
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by Globally Assured Hygenic Food
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by Fssai
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by FDA
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by ASCB(E) Accrediting Certifying Bodies