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Chandan Mukhwas

Beatriz Mix Candy | 100 pcs

Beatriz Mix Candy | 100 pcs

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Sugar Boiled Confectionery, Raw Mango Powder, Liquid Glucose, Lemon Powder, Mixed Spices, Acidifying  Agents: INS330 & INS296. CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL FOOD COLOUR INS140. CONTAINS NATURE  IDENTICAL FLAVOUR — Raw Mango, Tamarind, Lemon,  Betel Leaf, Berry

280 gm | Confectionery | Mukhwas | Mouth Freshner
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Beatriz Mix Candy | 100 pcs


Ingredients in Beatriz Mix Candy | 100 pcs

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Experience swift and reliable delivery with Chandan Mukhwas. Partnering with Shree Maruti Courier, we ensure your order reaches your doorstep swiftly. If you're in Mumbai, Maharashtra, you can expect your order within just 2-3 days. For our customers across India, delivery typically takes 4-6 days. Shop with confidence knowing your favorite mukhwas will arrive promptly, wherever you are in the country.

Important Allergy Information

Please be aware that our products may contain allergens, including but not limited to nuts, dairy, soy, and gluten. If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please read the product labels carefully or contact us for more information. Your health and safety are important to us, and we strive to provide transparency about our ingredients to help you make informed choices.

Indulge in Sweet Bliss with Beatriz Mix Candy by Chandan Mukhwas

Exotic Flavor Fusion: A Journey of Sweet Delights

Embark on a tantalizing journey with our Beatriz Mix Candy, where each candy is a burst of exotic flavors. From fruity tangs to creamy indulgence, experience a symphony of tastes that dance on your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Handcrafted with care, our candies are a sweet escape from the mundane, transporting you to a world of pure bliss with every bite.

Irresistible Sweet Temptation: Satisfy Your Cravings Instantly

Give in to the temptation of our Beatriz Mix Candy, crafted to satisfy your sweet cravings instantly. With each candy, indulge in a moment of pure joy as the sweet flavors melt in your mouth, leaving you with a smile on your face. Perfect for moments of celebration or a simple treat for yourself, our candies are the ultimate indulgence that promises to uplift your spirits and brighten your day.

Wholesome Sweetness: A Guilt-Free Treat for Your Soul

Experience the goodness of wholesome sweetness with our Beatriz Mix Candy. Made from premium ingredients, our candies offer more than just a delicious taste; they provide a guilt-free treat for your soul. Whether you're in need of a pick-me-up or a reward for your hard work, our candies offer a moment of pure bliss without any regrets. Treat yourself to the sweetness you deserve and let our candies fill your heart with joy.

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Beatriz Mix Candy | 100 pcs is Certified By Globally Assured Companies

We strongly believe that our consumers deserve only the best, and that’s why they meet international safety standards at every stage.

Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by Herbal Products
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by Spices Board India
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by Nimbus
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by Jamiat Ulama Halal Foundation
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by Globally Assured Hygenic Food
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by Fssai
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by FDA
Chandan Mukhwas is Certified by ASCB(E) Accrediting Certifying Bodies