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Experience the taste of traditional Indian summer beverages with the hydrating Nimbu Pani and Kacha Kerri, now available in candy form from Chandanmukhwas. These flavors are particularly popular during the sweltering summer months when people are seeking ways to stay cool and quench their thirst. Kacha Kerri is made with raw mangoes, sugar, salt, and spices, while Nimbu Pani, also known as lemonade, is made with fresh lemons, water, sugar, and salt.

A simple but delicious formulation from Chandan Mukwas called beatriz Nimbu pani and Kacha kerri candies are perfect for hot summer days that provides that boost energy and hydration. Apart from being tasty, nimbu pani offers several health benefits. It is rich in vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system and promote healthy skin. It is an excellent drink to replenish the required electrolytes.

On the other hand, Kacha Kerri is a tart and spicy candy made with raw mangoes. It has a distinct sweet, sour, and slightly spicy flavor due to the addition of spices. Kacha Kerri is also high in vitamin C and loaded with health benefits. It works wonders to enhance digestion, reduce acidity, and guard against heat stroke. Additionally, it is a great source of antioxidants, which support overall health by scavenging free radicals.

Both Kacha Kerri and Nimbu Pani candies offer several health benefits. They are a healthier option for staying hydrated during the hot and humid summer months compared to sugary drinks and sodas. The next time you feel thirsty and hot, grab a pack of Beatriz, Nimbu Pani or Kacha Aam candy at an affordable price range and feel refreshed all day long.

Beat the Heat with Nimbu Pani Flavoured and Kachi Kairi Combo

Nimbu Pani and Kacha Kerri candies are sweet treats that are flavored after the popular Indian summer drinks. Moreover, nimbu pani flavour candy is made to taste like the classic lemonade, with its refreshing citrusy flavor, while Kacha Kerri candy replicates the taste of the tangy and spicy raw mango drink. These candies are a convenient and portable way to enjoy the delicious and refreshing taste of Nimbu Pani and Kacha Kerri on the go. 

They are typically sold in small, individually wrapped pieces and are available in various brands and price ranges. They are also often a popular souvenir or gift item to the nostalgic tine of summer vacations. 

Additionally, Kacha Kerri and nimbu pani flavour candy are also readily available on the website of Chandanmukhwas at a reasonably price range. They have many health advantages in addition to being a delightful and refreshing way to beat the summer heat. People of different ages and backgrounds love these candies because of the amazing flavours.

Nimbu Pani and Kacha Kerri candies from Chandanmukhwas are natural, affordable, and free of any dangerous chemicals. Grab a pack of Beatriz candies today and indulge in the refreshing, energising, and sweet flavours of classic Indian summer drinks wherever you are!

Ingredients in Nimbu Pani
    • Sugar Boiled Confectionery, Liquid

    • Glucose, Lemon Powder, Mixed Spices,

    • Acidifying Agents: INS330 & INS296.


    • FLAVOUR - Lemon.


  • Ingredients in Kacha Kerri 

    • Sugar Boiled Confectionery, Raw Mango

    • Powder, Liquid Glucose, Mixed Spices,

    • Acidifying Agents: INS330 & INS296.



    • IDENTICAL FLAVOUR - Raw Mango.

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    Nimbu Pani & Kacha Kerri Product







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    Certified By

    FSSAI, Herbal Product, Spices

    Board India, Nimbus 22000, Halal, Global

    assured hygienic food, FDA, ASCB(E)

    Why Shoul You Choose Chandanmukhwas for this Beatriz Nimbu Pani and Kachi Kairi Flavoured Candy?

    Experience the refreshing taste of traditional Indian summer beverages with Nimbu Pani and Kacha Kerri candies from Chandanmukhwas. Nimbu Pani candy tastes like classic lemonade, while the kacha aam candy, made from fresh mangoes, satisfies your sweet cravings. These candies are a must-try for anyone who wants to enjoy authentic flavoures instantly.

    Moreover, these are portable and convenient candies provide a healthier alternative to sugary drinks and sodas. They offer the delicious flavors of lemonade and raw mango drink, along with numerous health benefits owing to it nutruious ingredints. They are perfect for those who need a quick energy boost but are always on the go. It is apt for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth without consuming too much sugar.

    You can easily purchase these candies on the Chandanmukhwas website at reasonable prices, making them an excellent choice for gifting. These candies are made with natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals, so they are safe to consume. Enjoy the sweet and energizing flavors of Nimbu Pani and Kacha Kerri candies anytime, anywhere by purchasing them quickly and easily on the Chandanmukhwas website.