Salted Flaxseed Mix | Premium Mouth Freshener |130 Grams

If you have a habit of munching and it becomes difficult to satiate those sudden cravings, this Flaxseed Mix is surely the best solution. Filled with the goodness of Omega-3, fibre, and many other potential health benefits. This is a must-have to keep your health and cravings in check. It is a palatable healthy mix filled with the goodness of flax seeds, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, dried mango seeds, and mixed spices. Consume and refresh your taste buds anytime, anywhere. Filled with natural goodness.
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Flax Seeds 55%, (Sesame Seeds,Coriander Seeds)33% ,Dried Mango Seeds 9%, , Mixed Spices 2% & Edible Salt 1%.