Nature's Treat - Chia Cinnamon Mix | 95 Grams

This Chia Cinnamon mix is healthy yet tasty. Munch on to these healthy treats anytime anywhere and keep your unanticipated cravings at bay. This mix consists of digestion aiding fennel seeds, coriander seeds which ensure good heart and brain health, and chia seeds which are rich in fibre, protein, and Omega-3. The watermelon seeds along with nutrients help with maintaining good body metabolism and dry dates are rich in polyphenols. The benefits are endless and the classic cinnamon flavour just makes it one of the essential components of your daily food intake. Filled with natural goodness, no colours added.
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(Fennel Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Chia seeds) 69%, Dry Dates 25% Watermelon Seeds 5%, Cinnamon Powder 1% & Licorise.Natural Food Colour INS 150 (d). CONTAINS NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOUR- Cinnamon