Assorted Churan Pack of 6 | 18 Bottles | 570 Grams

This exclusive range of assorted mix brings to you some of our best confectionaries together to tantalize your taste buds. This absolute collection consists of:

1. Cocktail Thunder This confectionery mix is a delight for your mouth. It offers a range of health benefits as it consists of fennel seeds which provide vital nutrients, cumin seeds which are rich in antioxidants, and various other ingredients which makes it flavoursome and equally healthy. The perfect blend of grapes, raw mango, orange, tulsi, and tamarind further enrich the taste. This truly is a mouth refreshing product.

2. Jeera Goli Pop these taste boosters and they will surely gratify your abrupt cravings anytime, anywhere. The commingling of the healthy ingredients like cumin seeds powder brimming with antioxidants, coriander seeds powder which improves heart health and other flavourful elements, it is sure to take you back to gleeful childhood memories.

3. Ginger Awla Preferred by many, this ginger awla will make your taste cells crave more. Filled with the goodness of ginger which has various health benefits like aiding digestion and boosts heart health. Enjoy the unique taste of this mouth-watering mix. And also boost your health.

4. Olympic Mix This fennel seeds mouthfreshener is surely going to tantalize your taste buds with the unique flavour and rich ingredients. Filled with the richness of dates with added rose petals, jequirity leaves, and ravalgaon sugar, thus culminating into a rich blend of healthy ingredients, acting as a perfect mouth freshener. This delectable item comes along with added health benefits as it improves gut health.

5. Jet Mukhwas This mouth freshener will surely give you a fresh dose of tanginess and freshness. It consists of an array of ingredients like fennel seeds high in nutrients, Amarnath seeds brimming with amazing antioxidants, micronutrients, fibre, and other beneficial components. The infused rose flavour augments the taste. The Trademark flavours will take your breath away.

6. Super Orange Mukhwas Filled with the goodness of oranges, this overwhelming orange flavoured mukhwas is an absolute delight to consume. Along with the added tangy orange flavour, the mix has some beneficial elements like the Dill seeds having a citrus flavour and high in magnesium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. The overall citrus flavour just elevates and acts as a perfect mouth freshener along with other health benefits.

These mixes are perfect to consume post meals or to just conjure the cravings! Filled with natural goodness, we use 100% natural colours for all our products.

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1) Cocktail Thunder Ingredients : (Sweetened Rose Petal Paste, Added Sugar, Cumin Seed Powder, Coriander Seed Powder, Dried Mango Powder)90%, Mixed Spices (Black Pepper, Cassia, Clove) 9%, Edible Salt 1% & Spiced Extract. CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL FOOD COLOURS- INS-100(i), INS-140, INS-150d & INS-160b. CONTAINS NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOUR-GRAPE, RAW MANGO, ORANGE, TULSI,TAMARIND. 2) Jeera Goli Ingredients :(Sweetened Rose Petal Paste, Cumin Seed Powder, Added Sugar, Coriander Seeds Powder, Dry Mango Powder)90% Mixed Spices (Black Pepper, Cassia, Clove ) 9%, Edible Salt 1% & Acidity Regulator -330.. 3) Ginger Awla Ingredients : (Indian Gooseberry (Awla), Added Sugar) 95%, Dry Ginger Powder 5%. CONTAINS NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURS-Ginger. 4) Olympic Mukhwas Ingredients : (Fennel Seeds, Amaranth Seeds, Added Sugar) 78%, Dry Dates 20%, Ravalgaon Sugar 2% Rose Petals & Spice Extract. CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL FOOD COLOURS – INS-100(i), INS-140, INS-150d & INS-160b. CONTAINS NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOUR-ROSE. 5) Jet Mukhwas Ingredients : (Fennel Seeds,Sesame Seeds, Amaranth Seeds Coriander Seeds, Added Sugar) 100% & Spice extract. CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL FOOD COLOURS- INS-100(i), INS-140. CONTAINS NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOUR-ROSE. 6) Super Orange Mukhwas Ingredients : (Fennel Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Amaranth Seeds, Coriander Seeds,Dill Seeds, Added Sugar)100% & Spice Extract. CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL FOOD COLOURS-INS-100(i), INS-140, INS-150d & INS-160b. CONTAINS NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOUR-ORANGE.